Within the IT world, it is broadly known that Agile methodologies brought a new thrust to processes in which productivity prevails. All agile software development involves “sprints”, which are short-term development tasks, simultaneously tested and presented upon being developed. Therefore, it is possible to react swifter to the project’s needs, involving the different teams and the client in the process itself. For Nearshore, reducing costs and time while presenting a product of the highest quality is the primary goal. Agile development in Nearshore enables creating better-quality software by way of a transparent and collaborative process. In addition to the highly qualified Nearshore teams, with people from the most diverse cultures and experiences, developing a software in this environment is practically the maximum exponent for a successful product. Agile benefits are countless and allow companies that provide the Nearshore service to take full advantage of this methodology in their daily activity.

Agile Nearshoring: Why?

Agile Nearshoring means, in practice and just in a few words, delegating programming tasks to teams allocated in another country, thus allowing to increase business success and concluding a project in a short period of time. Find out the top 6 reasons why you should invest in this approach:

A budget under control:

There is no project in which the budget is not paramount. So, this is the first element to take into account! As each sprint is fixed in time, it is possible to have a very realistic forecast of future expenses, leaving little room for unpleasant surprises. It also enables a clear definition of the cost associated with each specific feature of the software; decision-making is also more conscious while deciding the importance of another investment. As Nearshore is recognized as a service that allows companies to reduce expenses, this is the “perfect marriage”.

Guaranteed flexibility:

With an agile development, it is possible to cope with changes almost immediately. Thus, and contrary to what happens with the waterfall methods (cascade), there is more flexibility, making changes to the project whenever necessary to prioritize the product backlog. For Nearshore, this strategic vision allows adding value every day to the work being carried out.

Error Hunt (Bug/Failure Hunt), from start to finish:

As the project is divided into tasks, and according to the above-mentioned flexibility, after each sprint it is possible to carry out a test and in case there is any error it will be immediately eliminated. This readiness is extremely important in Nearshore as failures do not compromise the subsequent actions of the software development, allowing once again to reduce costs that could possibly arise in a more advanced stage of the project.

Work “in the open”

With Agile methodologies, it is essential a clear cooperation between the company that provides the service and its client. The latter is aware of all the progress, the evolution of the project, the errors and how they have been solved, being more comfortable to make changes in order to add value to the respective product. For a Nearshore project, with software teams working remotely for the client, this provides a much more reliable relationship for those who are investing and looking for a successful result

With the Goal in sight:

The speed with which a project is developed in Agile may surprise the Nearshore client… in a positive way! Since sprints allow for greater predictability, delivery of the final product is usually controlled. By defining a specific progress, divided by stages, and if it is accomplished, it is practically guaranteed to reach the goal within the terms initially proposed.

The Power of Teamwork:

The Teams that work with Agile methodologies have a highly collaborative environment, which represents one of the premises for those working in Nearshore, as they provide services at a distance, from other countries. People with different cultures deal with problems in different ways, and multiculturalism is an asset to bring diversity when it comes to solving an issue. Therefore, Nearshore Software Development can only take advantages by having a team that values feedback, using the experience and knowledge of everyone involved to anticipate problems. There is also a joint motivation among all: the success of the project.


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