Developing a project with Prime Nearshore is about investing in a company that cares about the well-being and happiness of its teams. PrimeIT was considered, for the second year in a row, one of the 20 happiest companies in Portugal, according to a study developed by Happiness Works.

The IT Portuguese consultant, in constant expansion, believes “that the way to success is to do what makes us happy” and with this in mind she has adopted the motto “We take happiness very seriously”. She wants all of her employees to see Prime Nearshore as a second home, where happiness is the secret ingredient for success. This is a company made of people and recognizes in all of them their talent, value and dedication, without which it would not be possible to win all the victories that are part of their history.

In just two years, they climbed from 8th to 5th place in this ranking of Hapiness Works, the only research project on organizational happiness in Portugal, with a sample so relevant that it allows to analyze the evolution of professional happiness and its reasons, in the whole country and by activity sector.