What is a dedicated team?

Let’s begin this article by explaining the concept that first led us here. Dedicated teams are a popular business model widely approved when it comes to a software development team. In this work standard, there is a contract between a company and a business provider that strategically reunites a team of experienced professionals on a long-term basis, capable to deliver a project. These IT experts are selected according to the client’s requirements regarding their profile, experience, and skills.

A dedicated team is not an in-house team, but an “independent” crew that frequently works remotely on the business provider amenities. Nevertheless, these specialists are essentially an addition to the customer’s workforce because they work exclusively on that one project. Still, the client doesn’t have to concern with matters such as salaries, administrative issues, benefits, insurances, contributions to the social security system or training cycles. Instead, a dedicated team is a cost-efficient model that reduces your investment regarding labor responsibilities while delivering an elite team committed to materializing your vision.


The benefits of a dedicated team

  • Cost-effectiveness: For all that has been stated, a dedicated team is the way to go if you are looking for a reasonable economical alternative. Companies struggle recruiting talent, specially in the IT industry. However, every resource and responsibility lie on the business provider’s side. Essentially, dedicated teams are cheaper, easier, and faster comparing to an internal team maintenance;


  • Adaptability: Dedicated teams are the perfect fitting to long projects and whenever the client doesn’t have the possibility to determine the project’s extension or to predict its development phases. Requests can be shifted any time;


  • Predictability: A dedicated team has a defined budget. This business model has a monthly fee that includes all expenses. Even those you didn’t realize existed;


  • Efficiency: The dedicated team is an efficient model because the group is exclusively focused on your project. This approach offers a 100% engaged team on your agile software development;


  • Total control:  Usually, there’s a connecting axis between the clients and every dedicated team. The business manager is the figure accountable for a steady and consistent communication, as well as for the project’s coordination. Yet, the client can and should work together with the team and assess day-to-day developments. This helps developing a unity and cohesion between both sides. The client has the final word and absolute control over the project and the team’s management. Therefore, dedicated teams allow you to focus on the project and to apply your efforts on the organization’s core business.


Dedicated teams in nearshoring

The pandemic situation reshaped habits and lifestyles. If a couple years ago, remote work was not lightly acknowledged by more conservative sectors or traditional organizations, it earned the good graces during the several lockdowns. Since then, it has been on the rise and even the extra skeptical surrendered to this approach. Giant international enterprises such as Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft are reinventing their workforce and policies, leaning into remote work or even into a hybrid model between presential and remote. According to a Mercer’s survey, a human resources consulting firm whose core philosophy supports that organizations should use the power of their people to enhance business success, 94% of 800 employers declared that their staff’s productivity kept their standard levels or even reached higher stages of efficiency than before the pandemic situation, during their remote work. Remote work holds notorious advantages for both employees and organizations.

This reality showed us that the workplaces can be different now. While most organizations followed the example of those technological companies, expanding their talent worldwide was the next big step. Such model allows companies to put together a stronger and broader pool of potential talent, practically deprived of geographical limits. Dedicated teams are sea of opportunities, especially combined with a nearshore partner.

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