Think of a tech specialist and a cartoonish vision featuring a hooded IT geek sitting all alone in a gloomy room (or in his mom’s basement) surrounded by screens and gadgets instantly springs to mind. But are these Hollywoodish pictures truthful? No, not really, but you got the point. There are too many myths and misconceptions about IT careers and tech specialists. Some of them may actually have been true at one time, yet others were just simplistic and fantasized assumptions from the very beginning.

The most successful organizations in the last few years were technology firms or tech-led companies. These businesses are leading change in our time. These days, new trends such as cloud computing, big data, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and encryption are no strangers to several business sectors. Thereby, technology is no longer just an issue for IT businesses, as it is gradually becoming the backbone of activity across industries.

The future is technology

The Future of Jobs 2020 from the World Economic Forum estimates that even as technology potentially eliminates 85 million jobs worldwide by 2025, it will create 97 million new ones. This research also identified high demand and emerging job roles within organizations. The ones with the highest potential are: #1 Data Analysts and Scientists, #2 AI and Machine Learning Specialists, #3 Big Data Specialist, #4 Digital Marketing and Strategy Specialists, #5 Process Automation Specialists, #6 Business Development Professionals, #7 Digital Transformation Specialists, 8# Information Security Analysts, #9 Software and Applications Developers, #10 Internet of Things Specialists.

We can’t deny it: techies have a clear domain over this ranking… and over the future. Many stepped out of their dark cave (or their awesome apartment) and joined numerous industries across the globe. Jokes aside, the IT industry embodies a sea of opportunities, so it is crucial to dispel some myths about IT jobs that discourage people from joining the sector. Let’s have a look at them.

Myth #1: Success depends heavily on Math and Science

It’s true: a few tech professionals actually require solid maths skills. But this rule is not applicable to every position. Luckily, there’s a role for everyone. If you have stronger mathematical thinking skills, you might be best suited to a data specialist position. On the contrary, go for a design-focused job if you have a creative and imaginative profile.

For instance, software developers build and design solutions. They are boxed in and deal with code, performance, style, and many other variants. Successful professionals combine technical proficiency and great problem-solving skills. Bear in mind, you don’t need to be a genius… just really special at your job.

Myth #2: There’s no room for creativity

A job in technology does not mean you cannot explore your creativity while working. Like any other profession, tech positions require innovation and imagination. Beyond the obvious jobs like web developer/designer or UI/UX designer, being creative and coming up with new concepts is key to developing creative solutions in every IT job.

Myth #3: Only men allowed

A stereotype. Tech is still an industry dominated by men, but the percentage of women has been steadily rising. Women are interested in technology, that’s a fact. According to Eurostat, Portugal ranks fourth on the list of European Union countries with more women working in the Science and Technology. Prime Nearshore continues this legacy, shouldering the responsibility of a multicultural and diversified team that aims to break these barriers. We allow experts from all backgrounds to pursue a career in technology and provide a terrific workplace culture.

Myth #4: You’ll get stuck in one career path

A common misconception. Career paths are boundless in the IT industry. Software engineer, cloud architect, IT analyst, app developer… You’ll soon discover that there’s a job suited to your profile and competencies.

Most people undertake various career swings throughout the course of their working years. There are many similar skills between IT positions that if you have the right attitude and are willing to learn, there will always be a place for you.


Thinking about a career in technology or reconsidering your professional path? The IT ecosphere is blooming, and the tech business has far more potential today than ever before.