The current wave of people voluntarily quitting their jobs over the last year is known as the Great Resignation. Led by younger generations, this unprecedented phenomenon took place during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, this trend has also become popular amongst older, more experienced professionals.

In the face of this massive wave of intentional resignations, ask yourself the following questions and answer as honestly as possible: Why do employees leave their jobs? How can we retain our top talent? And what do you value the most in a work environment?

There are many ways to keep employees around and feeling happy that go beyond wages. To attract and retain the best of the best, Prime Nearshore developed a 360 strategy that starts with salary and finishes with daily breakfast. In between, you will find Prime Living.

Keep reading this article to discover the importance of employee benefits and our efforts to make our team feel appreciated and motivated.


Money doesn’t buy happiness

Andrew Chamberlain, Glassdoor’s chief economist and Director of Research at Glassdoor Economic Research, has a privileged view of the labour market which makes it possible for him to identify new trends and factors that influence happiness at work. The Ph.D. holder suggests that salary is not the main driver of workplace satisfaction: it is the culture and values of the organization, followed by the quality of senior leadership and the career opportunities at the organisation.

Money doesn’t buy happiness, it is a fact. However, it cannot be ignored by companies. Providing competitive wages and benefits is key to attracting new employees.

Without compromising salaries, Prime Nearshore invests in a positive organizational culture to take care of its team. We work to meet the expectations of our people. And we are pleased to know we hit the mark for them.

Live your best life with Prime Living

Businesses have long been intimidated by turnover expenses. These days, with the “battle” for the best talent within your industry, the ability to attract and retain good workers became even more important for long-term business success.

The cost of losing the right people keeps getting higher and higher. As a result, investing in employees through free training, a friendly workplace, a welcoming culture, and corporate perks is not only valuable for them, but for companies as well.

Fully conscious of this reality and as proof of our commitment to our team, we developed a valuable employee benefits package to make our workforce feel appreciated. We know that happy employees are more innovative and productive (our experts are the living proof of this!).

Considering that our team wellness is always a hot topic, we developed an exclusive programme of promotional partnerships. Prime Living provides great perks like discounts and offers in various brands and shops for all Primers. We have established more than 250 protocols with restaurants, gyms, travel agencies, clinics, pharmacies, banks, and several stores.

For instance, at many gyms, you’ll be offered free trial classes, a pay-as-you-go membership (with no contract), and competitive monthly fees. But if you are more into the tasty pleasures of food, you can enjoy your favorite dish with a 15% discount at some of the best restaurants in Lisbon or Porto. Speaking about fully experiencing the joy of life, Prime Living came together with unique discounts at some of the best hotels in Portugal.


At PrimeIT and Prime Nearshore, education and knowledge are key. Therefore, beyond Prime Academy (which offers free training), Prime Living pays tribute to this tradition by providing special conditions at some of the most renowned linguistic and technical schools.

With new partnerships every month, you may find exclusive discounts for products and services you already buy on a regular basis at Prime Living. Do you want to take part of this programme and enjoy its unique perks? Send us your CV to and let Prime Nearshore surprise you.