Digital transformation saw an unprecedented growth during the last two years and people are spontaneously and promptly embracing change. Even though digital development might be “more about humans than digital”, technology is transforming, for instance, the way we communicate and even how we used to meet and date people, also converting the form we consume culture and entertainment, how we live outside and inside our homes (like the trendy concept, the Internet of Things) and reshaping healthcare and our overall consumption habits. Hence, numerous companies are adopting it as an opportunity to develop captivating IT solutions that require tech talent with the highest skills.

In this flourishing industry, on the one hand there is a massive demand for tech specialists. On the other hand, we realize there is talent shortage as well as a ferocious competition for tech talent, making it more difficult than ever for organizations to attract and retain IT professionals like software developers.

For more than 15 years, Prime Nearshore has been developing a pioneering and innovative approach of recruiting and retaining tech talent in Portugal and around the globe. There are a few theories and principles we have been pursuing and implementing on our successful work strategy since the beginning. If you would like to have a better knowledge about how to attract and retain tech talent or are interested about our company culture, continue reading as we’ll be revealing to you a few details of our winning formula.


Prime Nearshore’s guide to attract and retain tech talent

  • Embrace an employee-first mindset:

The dynamics of the recruitment scenery is changing how we perceive talent. The crème de la crème candidates will be offered more than just salaries and benefits, as they focus on something that goes far beyond that. Technology professionals search for companies and positions that nurture their careers as well as their personal identities. Our workforce is the human face of our company and is made of individuals with their own needs, aspirations, and balances.

One thing we have learned is that, if we search for the best, we will have to be willing to provide the best. Commit with your staff and offer more than just a job. Tech talent goes above and beyond every day to overcome difficult challenges and find the finest solutions. Thus, Prime Nearshore established a training academy and recognition gestures and programs that bring to light the energy and commitment of our teams.

  • Remote work is important… and so are physical offices and tech hubs

Remote work is a trend, and the IT industry is no stranger to it. However, having a place to work and to meet in-person with other teammates is extremely important to build and strengthen team relationships. Prime Nearshore tech hubs are likewise strategic places and stages for team-building projects and internal events. We are determined to spread happiness around the office, where we offer daily breakfast and host get togethers, parties and workshops.

  • Create a workplace culture

Workplace culture and employer branding have demonstrated to be valuable resources capturing the attention and heart of tech talent. The culture of an organization (its character and spirit) has a positive impact on the market, creating an attractive image to candidates such as IT developers, engineers, programmers, testers, and specialists. Looks are important, but they are not everything. Talented IT specialists neither fancy nor need a job where they don’t feel entirely fulfilled. Develop a workplace where your team feels happy, respected, and motivated. We believe you work best where you feel good and appreciated. That’s why our team is the protagonist of our social media accounts.


CompTIA, an American non-profit association focused on the global information technology network, tracks new trends and changes in the IT industry. According to one of its latest studies, over 60% of the HR leaders were planning to hire for new positions or to reinforce its IT workforce. One cannot deny that the war for tech talent is getting wilder since there are many other industries besides IT companies that are competing for their fair share of tech candidates. In an effort to stand out from the crowd and become pleasing to the eyes of tech talent, your company must be creative and driven by a disruptive attitude.