Company culture is key when it comes to an organization’s success. For Nearshore projects and teams this can be a challenge. However, there are some avenues that can be taken to improve the feeling of belonging and recognition among these nearshore teams and to support them in embracing a company’s culture.

Company Culture. How to define it?
The culture of a company can be defined as a set of practices and values that are the essence of an organization. Although the company culture is not a tangible thing, it is possible to see it and feel it in the everyday life of an organization. People are linked to each other through this core of values and can easily relate to them. So, the way culture is experienced and felt by its people is the heartbeat of an organization and can be vital in determining its success.

The importance of company culture for nearshore teams
Company culture has a high impact on the results and success of projects. The way people feel about an organization and the team must not be neglected, and that can impact every sphere of the business.
It’s important to keep in mind that a great company culture is something highly skilled professionals take into consideration when looking for new job opportunities. In fact, organizations that invest in their culture can experience a high level of employee retention. So, it’s safe to assure that both candidates and employees care a lot about the culture of a company.
When professionals feel engaged with their organization and its culture, they perform better, and businesses can experience a boost in their results and productivity.
This cultural alignment is vital for the success of a Nearshore project since the team bonding has become a key differentiator for achieving that result. In fact, the in-house and the nearshore teams must work closely to elevate the competitiveness of a project. For a Nearshore team, it is important to have a clear understanding of the client’s goals and objectives to reach better end-results.

The challenges of company culture for nearshore teams
Communication is at the center of any relationship. This also holds true when talking about the success of a nearshore project. Since nearshore teams are not located in the same region as the client, communication is imperative when it comes to effectively communicating the project goals and scope of work. It is important to have an adjustment period for the teams to avoid any misconceptions regarding culture or language difference.

How to enable the company culture in a nearshore team?

  • Communicate and use tools that can improve that communication.
  • Set clear goals and communicate them effectively.
  • Plan and execute a clear onboarding process.
  • Promote an atmosphere where the vision and mission of the company can be experienced by the people on a daily basiis.
  • Promote an environment of trust and transparency.
  • Create an atmosphere of continuous improvement and learning.
  • Always give constructive feedback.
  • See your Nearshore partner as an ally to reach success and business goals.