Nearshore is a hot topic in the IT outsourcing area. This approach to recruitment became THE way to overcome the challenges of hiring tech talent on a local level. Thus, nearshoring offers a mix of onshore and offshore benefits and focuses on shifting non-core business processes to countries nearby. This means having a software development team collaborating in an integrated method that honours your business culture, approach to work, and budget.

The nearshore provider usually operates in the same time zone, in a country that shares a similar culture and a competitive cost of living. This business model delivers a greater ROI (return on investment) and became a trend in software development.


Nearshoring software development teams: more than location

A nearshore development team creates an extension of your internal team and shares the same mindset, work ethics, and values. These dedicated teams just happen to be in another geographic location. This model of hiring allows for closer collaboration and resolution of problems or missteps.

The term nearshore emphasises how near the provider’s location is. The whole concept leads you to believe that “near” is just a matter of geography. However, from our perspective, “near” is what characterizes a partnership. We believe in long-standing collaboration and honour our commitment to deliver the highest value to our clients. Value is our driving factor, and our nearshore philosophy is quantified by how we contribute to your business growth through innovation.

Today, we want to tell you what it takes to build a development team with Prime Nearshore.

  • First stage – Choose your team and methodologies: We live in a time when custom software development is a must rather than an option. Take the time to understand your software development requirements, its tech stack, the extent of your team, and many other variants. Then, with a few simple questions, we will get to know you, your area, which type of services you aim to contract, the profile of your team members, the methodologies/standards, and your expectations. From this point on, we will be able to provide you with the right tech talent.
  • Second stage – Sign up and define your milestones: First, make sure your project’s objectives align with the bigger goals of your organisation. From our perspective, nearshore is not simply a matter of developing high-quality IT products and services. It is also about delivering an authentic understanding of your needs and growing YOUR team.
  • Third stage – In a few steps, you set up a team and get an estimated value in 24 hours: Prime Nearshore develops a recruitment tailored to your needs to test both the candidate’s hard and soft skills. Every stage of the process helps us in finding highly-skilled developers and engineers. We offer a global team of professionals and development centres that make available expertise and resources to promote your digital transformation. While a few of our clients feel the need for a group of dedicated developers to complement their in-house team, others require turn-key project solutions with a 360˚ team made up of Software Engineers, Data Scientists, UI/UX Designers, Project Managers, and other IT experts. At Prime Nearshore, we have the ability to provide both alternatives.
  • Forth stage – In two weeks, we’ll get you a super team working on your project: Time is key. As a result, we aim to have your development team set up and running in no time. We are responsible for providing a modern workspace and cutting-edge technologies in our offices and tech hubs. Working remotely or in the client’s environment, a dedicated development team will work in a healthy work environment that fosters communication and happiness while increasing collaboration and teamwork.


It takes a great development team to deliver great results. And we are proud to have such a team at Prime Nearshore. All our software developers, engineers, and IT experts work together and complement each other to fulfill your vision. Let’s pave the way to success together? Click here!