Do you need to hire software developers who respond adequately to your company’s needs? More than programming, these professionals overcome challenges and create pioneering solutions to existing business problems. They analyse, design, develop, test, and implement solutions from the ground up, allowing companies to keep up with the unsteady digital panorama.

For this reason, software professionals and engineers are highly sought-after by employers across the world, which has made the hunt for software development experts harder than ever.

For the sake of future growth, you need to rely on the best professionals. A lack of tech talent can result in project failure and unfortunately, there is no simple, magic solution to deal with all these problems and recruit only the best of the best. Keep reading this article to discover our tips.


Is it difficult to hire software developers?

Well… in December 2020, the global shortage of software developers reached an all-time high of 40 million. According to Forbes, this number is expected to rise to 85.2 million by 2030. So, you can draw your own conclusions.

Intelligent organisations invest in people in the short and long term. They allocate time and resources to the recruitment process of their team. But the question is how to deal with the talent deficit and attract top candidates. Without the right approach, you will struggle to connect with the best software developers. That is why it is essential to:

Understand your needs: Outlining the role you wish to fill and determining the hard and soft skills of the ideal candidates are essential steps of the recruitment process. As a result, you should give some thought to their competencies, background, knowledge, experience, and future responsibilities. It will provide a detailed picture of the software developer you need and that way, you are more likely to hire a suitable candidate.

This is the moment to put into the scale of importance what weighs the most: work experience or potential? For instance, recruiting a junior profile is quite different from recruiting a senior software developer.

Design a precise job description: At this stage, you should have a clear picture of the responsibilities to be carried out by this person. But before starting the ‘investigation’ for the newest acquisition to the team, you will have to design and post the job ads. To do it properly, you should cooperate with other stakeholders involved in the process to ensure everyone is on the same page. Ranking this information in order of importance allows you to determine which characteristics are the most valuable.

Your job posting should be informative and clarify the specific tasks you want software developers to accomplish. You must outline their professional responsibilities, their experience level, and the skills you are looking for as well as specific technologies. Detailing is the watchword considering that announcing too many programming languages, frameworks, and tools leads to no specialisation.

But beyond that, to hire software developers there is one more section that needs to be reflected in the job advert which is the ‘appealing’ information. Highlighting benefits and compensations will attract your dream hire. Without having an idea of the perks of working with your company, he/she will not even bother applying.

Target them: Where to find software developers? Now, you only must get them to read your job advert. But please do not post everywhere or spam everyone with your fantastic proposals. This (lack of) method is a waste of everyone’s time and energy.

Have you ever heard of targeted recruiting? This selective strategy involves using proactive recruitment strategies that help you filter the applicants who won’t be a good fit and find qualified candidates who hold the right qualities.

Selecting and posting on the right platforms is key. How do you find software developers for your business? Which websites and social platforms do they use most? Traditional job websites like Glassdoor and Indeed are mandatory targets. Beyond that, most businesses recruit exclusively from LinkedIn due to its broad talent pool. The most successful LinkedIn strategy merges organic advertisement and paid ads.

Interviewing and finding the perfect software developer: Now it’s time to identify the greatest software developers. Unlike regular job days, software development is quite technical. Therefore, it takes a great deal of effort to evaluate the skill sets of software developers.

The recruitment process involves several stages. First, have the candidates answer some straightforward questions in a short phone call – this saves you time and money. Based on this first impression, most companies proceed to the next stage which is based on two phases: face-to-face/remote technical interviews and coding challenges. While the first gives you the opportunity to know the candidate better, with the second you can determine his/hers potential in a real-life situation.

Invite to a final one-on-one interview the three candidates who pass with distinction to see if they will fit the company’s culture, core values, and goals.

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