Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and PrimeIT works daily in order for it to also become the capital of Nearshore. Amongst a lot of sun, many beaches e great food, it is the perfect place for whoever looks to build a business and at the same time enjoy the country. The city offers very particular capital gains for whoever looks to find a business partner in this international consulting firm.

The main airport in Portugal, Humberto Delgado Airport, is located 5 km away from Prime Nearshore’ s Technological Centre, which allows more frequent visits due to its proximity. Combined with the airport, all the remainder transportation network, such as the underground, buses and train, are a quick answer to whoever needs to go to the main office.

The location of the office also offers a big range of hotels, which allows a more pleasant stay, as well as coffee shops with wi-fi, where you can enjoy your work or gather, and even the local businesses para your daily needs.