Lisbon is one of Europe’s fastest-growing tech cities. Over the past few years, the “city of the seven hills” has emerged as an entrepreneurial innovation and tech hub. Big multinationals booked places to install offices in town and innovative startups started popping up all over.

All Portuguese Unicorns, Farfetch, Talkdesk, OutSystems, and Feedzai, have offices around the sunny city, attracting many other businesses and investors. These four startups together are now quoted €25.8 billion, more than the triple of 3 years ago, according to CB Insights. Tech giants such as Google, Cloudflare, and Samsung, among others, also took advantage of the thriving tech ecosystem to start calling Portugal their new home too.
Lisbon also became a growing destination for digital nomads as well as remote work programs. That is why it takes the 1st place of the Digital Nomad list, ahead of destinations like Canggu, Berlin, or Tbilisi, with a solid combination of a good cost, internet, fun, and safety. Factor like these helped empower the city’s fierce networking and coworking culture.

Lisbon’s tech crowd promotes an active coworking scene with hundreds of dedicated coworking spaces that efficiently create a network environment to collaborate and have fun. Everyone from entrepreneurs, freelancers, digital nomads, and travelers from different countries come together here, and that’s just one reason why InterNations considered Lisbon 3rd best city for expats. And the best part? These coworking spaces tend to be inexpensive, with a great internet connection, good coffee, and, luckily, some fantastic city views.


Source: Made of Lisboa

Lisbon has also become famous for its tech events and meetups. Since 2016, this tech hub is home to the Web Summit, the world’s largest and renowned technology conference. The event gathers all kinds of profiles. From startup founders to leaders of large companies or investors, everyone is attracted to the good-energy and inspiring ideas of the famous conference.

Accordingly, to the Startup Heatmap Europe, the city is the 9th best startup city in Europe, ranking 6th on the Trust Rank 2020 and 4th on Investment Growth, with 374% growth of 3yr average.

Start packing:Best area to stay in Lisbon, what to visit, and much more

Are you ready to book your ticket to the Portuguese capital? Once you landed, there are several ways to travel from Aeroporto Humberto Delgado (Lisbon airport) to the city center. The most inexpensive way is by subway, with a journey of around 20 minutes. If you decide to choose comfort and don’t mind spending some extra euros, you can also take a taxi downtown. One way or another, this journey should be easy and fast.
The city is famous for its typical and beautiful neighborhoods, so it won’t be easy to choose a place to stay. Some consider Baixa-Chiado as the best area to stay in Lisbon. Still, other neighborhoods like Alfama, Mouraria, or Príncipe Real are also charming options that won’t disappoint you.

The capital is full of stories to tell, and you can count on the sun to guide you through this journey. Lisbon has over 300 days of sunshine a year. The temperature rarely drops below 15ºC, even during the winters, usually short and mild, making the city very comfortable to enjoy all year round.
Some of the most famous Lisbon attractions are Torre de Belém – and it’s delicious Pastéis de Belém -, Praça do Comércio, Castelo de São Jorge and Padrão dos Descobrimentos. But there’s much more to it. Make sure you spend some time exploring the many gardens and green areas and getting the perfect shot from one of the many viewpoints around the city. Some not-so-hidden-anymore gems like LX Factory or Village Underground are also colorful and vibrant places to relax and find inspiration. If you’re looking for some beach time, take the train or drive in Cascais direction and, as you’ll leaving the river behind, you’ll find dozens of cool spots seafront.
By nightfall, find a typical bar to listen to fado or go down to Santos and Cais do Sodré for a more rhythmed evening.

In general, you’ll feel safe strolling the streets of Lisbon, day or night, while discovering the most beautiful painted tiles. One thing we can promise: the authenticity of the alleys and squares will amaze you, and the modern tech hub vibe will keep you, for sure, entertained.