Pedro Reganha is a technical lead and is part of our Prime Nearshore team. Today he shares with us the main reasons for his interest in IT, what are the technologies and tools that he uses in a daily basis and what makes this area is so exciting to him. Meet him and find out why Prime Nearshore can be your next challenge for professional growth.

1. Pedro, how did your interest in the IT area arise?

So, my interest in IT, I would say, could be compared to a simple summer romance that you might try to make something out of it but, actually, it goes nowhere at the time. It all started when I was in 8th grade. For part of the school year, we had computer classes which were really simple but really fun. I made a super awful website about my chinchilla, and I got to try out some programming with Pascal. Then like I said, I tried to maintain the romance, but it didn’t last. Let’s just say that when it was time to choose what I wanted to be when I grew up, I met IT again and thought maybe this time it will work, and it did.

2. You recently joined our team as technical lead. How is your initial experience going?

Despite all the problems that Covid brought us, joining Nearshore as a technical lead, has been surprisingly fun and challenging. I have already met a bunch of smart and interesting people that are helping and stimulating me. Both the international project, which I am being able to drive from the start, as well as all the interactions that I had with other primers while helping them with the things that I am good with, have been very rewarding. This phrase has not been sponsored, and they know they are paying my paycheck, but so far, I can only feel like I belong, and I will continue to grow.

3. What makes you most excited about working in Nearshore’s format?

I feel like the Nearshore format is one of the most exciting ones. You are usually an extension of the client or the multiple clients that might work with you. That allows you to experiment and see so many different things. You can start in a fintech business and move to an e-commerce one, to end up in a new solution completely out of the box in another business one. Adding to it, you are also part of the house company and are not alone. There you can share knowledge and expertise. This allows you to participate in a larger ecosystem, which, if done correctly, will never get you bored.

4. Which technologies and tools do you use most?

Right now, I am focusing my development efforts on the cloud and around. So starting to enumerate some of those, my expertise currently resolves a lot around Microsoft. Starting with VS Code or Visual Studio to develop my .NET Core applications. Using these VS tools, I also dabble in Python (for scripts or web) and VUE.js (to make a super clean FE). Then this all gets pushed to a nice Git repo (Github, Azure DevOps, or Gitlab). This is afterward all pushed into the Azure Cloud through some simple or more complex deployment pipelines. More recently, I have started embracing a lot of containerization and the serverless approach. These are just some of the tools, but you get the gist of it.

5. From your perspective, how does Nearshore enrich you as an IT person and professional?

Like I stated previously, nearshore allows me to contact multiple people. Nearshore projects are mostly international which allows, for an incredible exchange of cultures. Some usual boring meetings end up starting almost as a journey of sorts where you get to know other cultures and, a lot of times with the opportunities to go there. This has been very fruitful both as a professional and especially as a person. Furthermore, you can rely upon lots of very smart people. They are both from the client and in-house, who can work in different scenarios and give you very new and unexpected solutions or ideas. This makes every day a learning opportunity that has taken me to greater heights and continues to drive it upwards.