Thales was born and bred in Brazil, but an opportunity to excel at new challenges led him to Portugal, where he found success as a Cloud Engineer at Prime Nearshore. He is nothing like the couch potato developer type. Instead, he enjoys the unknown and loves strolling around. Linguistics and technology make him smile but what takes him to cloud nine is the thrill of a new challenge. Perhaps that’s what brought him to Lisbon in the first place. Meet him and find out why our nearshore software development teams will help your business grow.


Thales, you are a long way from home. Despite the 8.000 kilometers separating São Paulo from Lisbon, do you think that we can make you feel at home?

Being apart from our family and everything you have ever known is not an easy task. But Portugal has been pretty welcoming, especially because I live in Lisbon, which is the country’s biggest city. There is a certain cosmopolitan vibe in the capital, much like in São Paulo. In Lisbon, I always find something to do and opportunities to make new buddies. It is just like hanging in a bar in the western part of São Paulo, which makes my adaptation much easier and more pleasant. The most difficult part is the distance from family and friends, but I am aware that it will take time to get used to that.

How was your reception at the company?

It was great! Right on my first day of work, my project teammates invited me to happy hour and then to dinner. Also, within the project itself, the client received me especially well, which facilitated my adaptation to the company. Prime Nearshore did a great job welcoming me. My transition to Portugal is still coming together but step by step I am finding cool places to explore and to live. Lisbon is vast and diverse, but Portugal has much more to offer than just its capital. I have yet a lot to discover before I decide where to settle, but Lisbon will forever be the starting point of this new chapter.

What led you to move from Brazil? And why choose Portugal to be your destination?

First, the cultural proximity and the language similarity. Sharing the same language makes it much easier to get to know the outside world. Besides, Portugal welcomes Brazilian immigrants with open arms. Therefore, both the Portuguese language and hospitality end up being the greatest perks that encourage Brazilian people to move. People are the best part. The Portuguese are joyful, energetic, and super friendly – much like Brazilians. In its long cultural agenda, we are constantly close to fantastic spots, events, and great places to visit. There is always a new experience around the corner.

What are you up to now, Thales? Do you enjoy working in fast-paced, collaborative nearshore environments?

This is my second year collaborating with Prime and right now, I am working at Vizrt. In my opinion, the nearshore model is quite refreshing. It allows for similar time zones without compromising the variety of international projects. Nearshore ‘upgrades’ the typical workday thanks to the diversity of people, languages, technologies, and cultures. For those who enjoy exploring and are not discouraged by the unknown, nearshoring is perfect!

In which business area are you involved? And in which way do you feel you are ‘changing the world’?

For a few years now, I have been working on several Cloud projects. And currently, I am working in video production, but my path has led me to other diverse opportunities in the banking sector and pharmacovigilance industry. In those segments, especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, it was particularly challenging to develop the systems employed by major vaccine producers such as AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson. I imagine that every professional changes the world in their own way. But feeling that my efforts – even if small – were directed towards a greater end in that industry and during that time is extremely rewarding.

In a world that keeps getting more digital by the day, what technologies would you bet on in the future?

I would bet on Cloud technology. The Cloud has the potential to revolutionise how things work. This technology makes our lives easier from a technical and functional point of view. It is a great tool for nearshore software development teams because it gives us dedicated roles, enables a more effective collaboration across teams, and integrates people instead of focusing too much on delivery. Cloud computing also provides solid processes for deployment, as well as opportunities to improve collectively open code solutions. That increases the interaction between the team members and makes each day a lot more productive and organic.

The Cloud is also exceptionally positive for the client. The geographical location becomes irrelevant as it enables clients to access data and applications stored in the Cloud through the internet, from anywhere at any time. Whether they’re web, mobile, TV, or games – Cloud computing allows nearshore software developers and clients to better manage their technological resources and daily work processes.