Employees are the most important and essential asset of any company, regardless of its field of action.

According to all studies, it is possible to state that there is a direct correlation between the productivity of employees and the commitment to the work each one performs. Workers who are completely committed to their work are willing to take the risk, to go further, to work with passion and commitment, developing a deep connection with the employer. And these are the people who lead innovation and drive the whole business to grow and develop.

Prime Nearshore believes that it is imperative to encourage employee involvement and participation on a daily basis, privileging greater autonomy and recognition of each employee’s merit, as well as promoting well-being at work through the implementation of tools for reconciling professional and personal life, thus enhancing the so-called “Work Life Balance”.

It was exactly with the well-being and motivation of all Primers in mind that the “Prime Benefits” were created, a set of benefits ranging from the organisation of events and thematic actions throughout the year, to offering more than 900 hours of training per year completely free of charge. They also provide delicious breakfasts in their offices every morning and have created a partnership programme in which, with the help of more than 250 partners from north to south of the country, they offer discounts and unique advantages to the employees and their families, for example.