Portugal is not only good food, great beaches, Amalia’s Fado or Cristiano Ronaldo’s goals. Prime Nearshore wants to emphasize that the Portuguese are also very talented when it comes to technology and that they work every day to take the country further. Once unknown seas were sailed and today the audacity is kept diving headlong into the challenges of technology, giving them an answer with all the typical Portuguese claw. These are the perfect ingredients that make Portugal a great partner for Nearshore.

Now, we explain to you the several reasons that make PrimeIT the best choice in Portugal: Prime Nearshore is a service that offers from Business Process Management to Software Development. The Competence Center benefits from all the human and technical skills acquired over more than 13 years of experience of the parent company, PrimeIT, allowing them to meet the demands of the most demanding international clients. Their teams are certified and highly qualified, follow the best practices and are available 24/7/365 to provide fast and effective communication. This offer allows them to develop efficient solutions based on the needs of their customers and with significant cost and time savings. To maximize the involvement of partners, they have unique spaces dedicated to each project, where everyone has the necessary access conditions to feel as if they were in their own offices.

The success of its partners is the success of its Primers and, consequently, the growth of PrimeIT, so they are working to make this the outcome of all their actions.