PrimeIT’s growth is felt on a daily basis with the investment in new projects, but also with the strengthening of our teams in challenges with partners that are already established. This continuous desire for evolution reinforces the mission of boosting the brand, both in the national and international markets. The common ingredient in all our performance is excellence, the seal of guarantee that we do not dispense with in the services that we provide to more than 150 active partners, and in the most varied sectors of activity.

Glorious shot in Scrum within the pitch
In the project carried out in partnership with one of the largest football associations in the world, PrimeIT assumed the responsibility of developing a mechanism that would allow our partner to manage and control doping tests carried out on top-level players.
Shared between Prime Solutions and Prime Nearshore, the project included 6 consultants who ensured the success of this challenge, using previously stipulated metrics and SLAs, respecting all Agile principles.
This project was based on a close collaboration between our Delivery Manager and the customer’s Product Owner in a technology-based solution such as .NET Core 3 and Angular 10.

Finding the best talent at light speed
Continuing the work done for over a year with a major partner in the Fintech area, we were challenged to find two new teams to monitor and develop alarm systems.
With the knowledge of the whole business in question, and the know-how acquired by PrimeIT that allows us to present a database of highly specialised candidates, this task was completed in record time.
Multiple consultants were analysed in 24 hours and technical meetings took place in 3 days, allowing two new teams with a total of 10 consultants to meet in less than 5 days.

Creating memories for the future
One of the largest French groups in the area of digitalisation and printing of photos, wanted a strategic IT partner, who walked side by side with the commitment to innovation and quality, in order to create a product that adapts printing in accordance to the specific needs of each client.
PrimeIT’s action is based on supporting the maintenance and development of the technological platforms of the company in question.
Our Prime Nearshore team is working on the latest .NET Core, Angular and Magento technologies.
In addition, we are also working with the Data Engineering team on a solution that will allow users to create more detailed photo albums.

Demonstrating excellence in the most varied technologies
Our partner is a major player in the field of European logistics software, linking automotive manufacturers with a wide network of logistics providers to digitise complex supply chain processes. Prime Nearshore provides support with multi-functional teams that ensure and develop our client’s products.
This team was required to respond to different areas, from Infrastructure to Core Solution, and to work in a customized way according to the needs of the business.
At the moment, PrimeIT presents 5 teams, with more than 20 professionals working daily with the most varied technologies, such as Java, Maven, Angular, Hibernate, Oracle SQL, Oracle Service Bus, Oracle Weblogic, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Sonarqube, Azure and Salesforce.

Although 2020 has been challenging for the whole business world, PrimeIT has shown great resilience and even a certain audacity to challenge this exceptional moment.
We have worked hard to maintain all our activity in Portugal, as well as to prepare the expansion for the coming years. In 2021, we already have a new area of expertise in Life Sciences. With its own brand, PrimeLifeSciences it is the Prime Group company, specialized in Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Medical Devices. Based in Basel, we provide the highest quality services covering the entire life cycle of services and products in this sector.
Continue to follow our work because we will share more news very soon.