Portugal is back to being nominated for the “World’s Leading Destination” on the “World Travel Awards” for the third time in a row. This distinction, considered the tourism Oscars, has also nominated, by the third year in a row, the city of Lisbon as the best city break destination. This distinction, as the best tourist destination, comes with the numerous advantages Portugal offers to whoever visits the country.

A Safe and accessible tourist destination

In its Global Peace Index, the Institute for Economics and Peace considerer Portugal as the 4th safest country globally. Fortunately, this tourist destination has escaped the attacks of recent years that have tormented other European destinations. Its size and safety allow tourists to explore the country as they pleased, without fear or hesitancy. And there’s a lot to see! Even being a small country where it’s possible to cross the entire territory in a few hours, Portugal has all types of sceneries and landscapes – from blue ocean beaches to high mountains, beautiful historical villages, and modern tech hubs. And the best part? It is possible to visit almost all these destinations just by using public transportation. If the option is driving, taking the road is also an opportunity to find authentic towns and stumble upon roman bridges, hidden palaces, aqueducts, and monasteries.

Travelling to Portugal: History and Lifestyle

Portugal’s centuries-long history is far from being bored. Make sure to save some time on your visit to discover stories as the baker woman that helped us win a battle or the mysterious young king who vanished in Africa with a promised return on a foggy day. And there’s no need to visit museums or historical sites, which we strongly recommend. Portuguese story is singed in narrow and humble local bars through the crying strings of a guitar-playing Fado and told on a bench by the river or a small and peaceful garden in the city center. Portugal breaths its history through intricate tilework— from its ceilings to floors, narrow streets, and hidden corners, making it impossible to miss it.

But not all is past. The tech cities are emerging in Portugal, and the young creatives are thriving in collaboration spaces and reinvented concepts. Great multinational companies booked their place not exclusively around Porto and Lisbon areas but also in smaller cities like Braga, Aveiro or Faro. Along with new restaurants, shops and ateliers, the contemporary artisans’ markets and hectic shops find new places in the cities to tell their own story, making shopping great.


When travelling to Portugal, make sure you’ll have some typical food waiting for you upon arrival. Despite the Portuguese passion for sweets, this best tourist destination food is not only delicious but also very healthy, conquering a special place in the visitant’s heart.

Among the favorite typical dishes are Bacalhau com Natas – a famous codfish recipe; Caldo Verde – a soup, Polvo à Lagareiro – an iconic octopus’ recipe; Sardinha Assada – the unique “Santos holidays” dish and, of course, if you move North the one and only Francesinha sandwich.

If after the meeting there’s space for dessert, there’s no shortage of options. Pastéis de Belém – from the original place in Belém (Lisboa) -, Ovos Moles – directly translated to soft eggs, Pastéis de Feijão (bean pastry) and Queijadas (a version of a cheesecake) are among the most famous.

Have we mentioned the wine yet? Good and awarded will be waiting for you wherever you go. The Alentejo and Douro Valley wines are the most talked-about ones, but there are other growing regions for both red, white, and green wine. And, of course, the dearest Porto wine that every traveler gets to meet.


Portugal has the ideal climate for the explorers out there. With a Mediterranean climate, it’s rarely too hot or too cold in this tourist destination, allowing people to travel, discover and enjoy the country comfortably. Spring, Summer and Autumn are ideal seasons to visit, but even Winter could be a pleasant season, with many sunny days throughout the country and temperatures that seldom fall below 10ºC.

For beach lovers, Alentejo and Algarve are the perfect regions, with higher temperatures and warmer ocean water. For the surfers, the mandatory destination – with ideal weather conditions – is Nazaré, where the big waves are, and Rodrigo Koxa got the Guinness record for the largest wave surfed. Besides Nazaré, there are many other famous spots along the Portuguese coastline among the surfers worldwide that, year after year, choose this destination for surfing.

The weather could be slightly chillier in the country center and northern regions, with some windy and cloudy days, but still very enjoyable, especially hiking in the mountains or strolling around the cities.With an average of 300 days per year of sun, there is no way we won’t make incredible holidays memories while discovering Portugal!Gone are the days where this best tourist destination was a secret well kept.

Portugal is emerging as Europe’s coolest country, with a young, vibrant, and familiar vibe. Our rich history and limitless hospitality made us get a spot on every traveler wish list. Are we on yours?