The ongoing focus on Nearshore has been paying off the growth of this business model. The digital evolution, which has acquired an overwhelming curiosity all over the world, when combined with PrimeIT’s experience of almost a decade and a half, allows Prime Nearshore to conquer a strategic position in the international market. More than providing feedback to companies that have obstacles in recruiting professionals due to the lack of qualified national labor, doing “Nearshoring” allows a handful of advantages to partners looking for this solution.

National talent worldwide recognized
In Portugal, professionals from the sector speak perfectly the language of technology. In recent years there has been a strong technical and superior evolution in the IT area, which is related to an increasingly valuable offer of highly specialized colleges and courses for this sector. Online training focus also allowed our experts to be constantly updated on the latest trends in force.

Speed in the process with a real “Recruitment machine”
It is greatly possible to form a quality team in a quick way and, depending on the technologies, we bring together professionals in a short time. Amid two weeks to two months on average, and using our “Recruitment machine” made up of more than 100 ITR’s and Business Managers, we prevent the client from entering into a long hiring process, thus reducing the time-to-market situation of their projects.

Financial security
Countries like Portugal offer an advantageous financial component that allows safe investments, so that our partners reach their goals. In a socio-geographical perspective, Portugal discloses political and social stability, which still results in a highly differentiating fact that of the one of being considered a safe country among its peers.

Operational efficiency as a result of effective communication
The Nearshore regime work environment is known for its great efficiency and collaboration between remote teams and the customer. Although everyone involved in the project does not physically work in the same space, Prime Nearshore’s live-streaming offers 24/7 availability and 365 days a year to provide agile and effective communication.

Strong software development methodologies
Prime Nearshore has strongly adopted software development methodologies such as Agile and Scrum. Terms such as Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cybersecurity, Cloud or Big Data are part of our daily routine and are the mirror of a society increasingly empowered by the advantages that new technologies have to offer.

A ‘bespoke’ approach from start to finish
Our partners have access to tailor-made solutions towards your needs, from the beginning to the end of the project. With Prime Nearshore, and drawing on the great experience of our teams, we present exclusive resolutions for the ambitions of customers seeking our support.

In addition to all these advantages, there is yet another one which provides added value to our offer: the simplicity of placing an order and starting a project with Prime Nearshore. Accessing the “Start a Project” point from our website, and in just a few steps, it is possible to define goals with our partners and introduce them an action plan in 24 hours.