Prime Nearshore’s teams daily life is marked with different actions regularly celebrating special occasions. These office activities, that surprise every Primer, don’t choose a day, hour or theme. From Cookie’s Day or Nutella’s Day to Ice Cream in the Office, International Bread’s Day or International Picnic’s Day, the consultant is always paying attention to any reason that can turn a working day into an unforgettable experience and take the good mood into a whole new level. Still inside the office, the typical Carnival, Halloween or Magusto parties are always celebrated, always marked in the company’s calendar.

But because fun knows no boundaries, the parties inside the office are just the beginning and they are also really common outside of it. The famous Prime events gather PrimeIT teams in Kick-Offs, Outdoors, Reboots and Christmas Dinners. For whatever the theme is, these events have the goal to gather all Primers in true sharing and relaxing moments.