High-quality software development is not just about writing code. Good programming represents just half of the way to a development team. It is quite evident that “one does not simply walk into” the coding kingdom without knowing how to code. But there are other equally important features and qualities such as being a problem-solver, staying comfortable with the uncomfortable, and keeping the end goal in mind.

Delivering software product development services in dynamic, fast-paced environments is a challenge. But a solid software development company works well under pressure without sacrificing the quality of your deliverables, and gets the job done on time and within budget.

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Software Development Models

The software development market is exceptionally wide and complex. There are numerous processes and methodologies available for software development. When it comes to deciding on the methodology, we need to look at business needs, the type of application/project that we plan to manage, the team’s composition, and the development timeframe.

When we speak of software development models, we mean the range of processes or methodologies that guide the development of IT projects. Each of them was designed to achieve different objectives and comes with different challenges and positive aspects.

A day in the life of our development team

Agility is key. For more than fifteen years, at Prime Nearshore we have been gaining the trust of our clients. Our agile approach to software product development assisted them in reducing operational costs, increasing efficiency, and streamlining business processes.

Our software development model applies agile software methodologies in a transversal way (development and management), with high control of KPIs that allow a high capacity of reaction and adaptation.

Scrum, probably the most popular Agile framework, works best for fast-paced development environments with aggressive deadlines. It is characterised by its product-focused and business-oriented attitude because it focuses on short sprints (2-4 weeks): a period during which specific work has to be concluded. In Scrum, the main KPI is the speed or the amount of work the team can accomplish throughout a sprint.

With a strong focus on team leadership, programming tools, and solution architecture, Ricardo Nunes, Head of Delivery at Prime Nearshore, is responsible for both the leadership and continuous improvement of our Delivery Centre. He refers that “All our projects follow a Scrum framework with proven and optimised results, based on a routine software development team built to get the best that agile methodologies have to offer.”

Ricardo shares that “Our software development model begins with how our team is set up. With the right talent on board, we ensure that our strategic goals are followed, and our projects goals are accomplished successfully.”


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To deliver valuable solutions, our dedicated teams tackle every problem that comes their way and work with a continuous improvement attitude. Each software developer is committed to providing the best custom software services to our clients and thanks to our nearshore development teams and model, you will be able to scale the team up or down according to your project needs.

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