When we’re talking about finding tech talent to join your IT team, a team extension is a go-to model. By trusting a partner to find you the specialized people you’re looking for and taking care of all the bureaucracy, you’ll save time and money. Setting up a nearshore team extension can be a secure way to overcome the difficulty of hiring locally, and it will also help you fill the skill gaps of your core staff to get long, and ambitious long-term projects done. And the best part is that it will cost you way less than hiring full-time employees.

Look no more; Prime Nearshore can do that for you!

What Is a Team Extension?

A team extension, or staff augmentation, is a model that brings together in-house and remote developers to work on the same project. It basically consists of augmenting your IT team with experienced professionals who could fill your team’s gaps and push your project forward. This cooperation model is ideal for long-term collaborations, allowing you to reduce costs while keeping greater control of the project.

If this team extension is based in a neighboring country, then you have a nearshore team extension, which could be the answer to optimize your cost-effectiveness.

Once the extended team is ready, after being approved in advance by you, you gain operational control. The developers become your resource and will be managed by you, absorbing your company’s culture, methodologies, and vision. Always, with the provider company support.

Team Extension vs. Traditional Outsourcing 

An extended team shares some of the benefits of traditional sourcing. Both options allow you to access a large talent pool and scale your team to give a quick and efficient answer to an emergent need.

The main difference is that, in traditional outsourcing, you deliver the entire development process to the outsourcing team. It’s impossible to deny that is the most budget-friendly option; however, a possible downside is that you can’t follow the project as closely.

On the other hand, having an extended development team means that your in-house professionals and the remote unit will work together, share common goals and responsibilities, and assure you to accomplish the goals the right way. The best part? You can closely follow the project.

Why should you let us set you a Nearshore Team Extension?

It’s cost-efficient

One of the significant advantages of having an extended software team is cost-efficiency. A nearshore software development team won’t cost you a fortune and will, for sure, step up your company’s game. Curious about the numbers? For example, companies from Denmark, Sweden, or the UK can expect to save between 15 to 25% by finding a nearshore software development extended team in Portugal.

We bet something like “if it’s that cheap, it can’t be that good” is crossing your mind right now but there’s nothing to fear. Lower cost does not come at the expense of quality.

It will save you time

If just the idea of recruiting makes you anxious, we’ve got you covered. Let’s be honest; everyone struggles with squeezing the hiring of a new, or several team members into the calendar. During a hectic day, the last thing you need is to sit down, analyze curriculums, and go through dozens of interviews until you find the right person. And once you find your talent, if you find it, there is still the onboarding and training. The entire process is highly time and energy-consuming. Lucky for you, you won’t need to do it. If you decide to go for a nearshore team extension, Prime Nearshore will take care of all HR-related tasks. You will get your development team ready to go in no time.

No need to find space in the office

Your new remote software development team will require little effort on your part. You’ll have all the benefits of having new, highly skilled people on board without dealing with the hassle of the first days: making space in the office, setting up a workstation, finding equipment and tech support, or taking care of the payroll and employee benefits. The only thing you’ll need to ensure is that your remote team has access to the software and information systems they need to do their work.

You’ll get there faster

Speed is the keyword when it comes to nearshore IT services. You’ll save time on recruiting, on the setup, but also on the project delivery. Having a bigger team working for you, fighting for the same goal will do wonders for your project. Your units, both in-house and the extension, will be able to distribute tasks, properly focus, and getting more work done in less time.

Your team, your rules

A nearshore team extension is as flexible as they come. Is the volume of work higher than you’ve anticipated? Make your team grow anytime and with short notice; we all know how fast the world changes. Allocate responsibilities and assignments as you see fit to improve your team effectiveness. Our remote team will learn from your in-house unit and the other way around. This cooperation can make all the difference during, and inclusively after, the development of your project.

If you’re interested in knowing more about how Prime Nearshore can, and will, make a team extension work for you, reach us! Our specialists will love to meet you and draft a tailormade proposal.