Prime Care, a programme that seeks to involve Prime Nearshore’s team in environmental impact and solidarity activities, has been the target of great growth and, over the last few years, it has included actions in several areas.

The importance of this programme is not only to call for solidarity and change in behaviour that has an impact on nature and society, but also to bring the team together and allow them to get to know each other and share enriching experiences.

With an environmental aspect, Prime Care has already promoted the conscious use of plastic, with the replacement of conventional cups for recyclable cups in events; it has planted trees in the Serra de Sintra, in partnership with the “Plante Uma Árvore” (Plant a Tree) Association; and cleaned the Leça da Palmeira beach, with the support of Bandeira Azul (Blue Flag). As part of this solidarity, it supported “Movember”, a movement created with the aim of alerting men to the importance of preventing prostate cancer, making a donation to the Portuguese Prostate Cancer Association; helped the Food Bank, with food donations and support at the registered office; delivered food for animals to the Chão de Bichos Association; made a donation after the sad tragedy of Pedrógão Grande and offered, on behalf of its Primers, a Christmas cheque to the Red Nose Operation. More recently, it offered computers and mobile phones to the António Luís de Oliveira Foundation and Casa de Protecção e Amparo de Santo António, respectively, and also donated, the totality of the Easter gifts of its employees, to the Tech4Covid Hospital Material project which, together with the DGS and the ARS, defined in April which are the most urgent equipment and which health institutions most needed this reinforcement at that difficult moment. This 2020 Christmas, it also promoted a solidarity offer to the children of the employees, the Xi-Coração toy, which value reverts to the Rui Osório de Castro Foundation, which supports sick children and their families.