Building a strong and efficient nearshore team is not merely important. It is crucial for organisations that want to become competitive and successful. The recruitment process is where it all starts.

A poor recruitment process can be a waste of everyone’s time, energy, and money. According to The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), “on average it costs an organisation 6 to 9 months of an employee’s salary to substitute him or her”. Every hiring process is an exhausting, lengthy process. If it is not done properly, you might end up selecting candidates who turn out to be a poor fit for the job. If you pay attention to your recruitment process, you will hire world-class candidates who stick around and stand for your company.

An effective recruitment process will help you by reducing turnover and cutting employee replacement costs. Keep reading this article to learn about our tips for developing a structured recruitment process… and a proficient nearshore team.


The advantages of a wise recruitment process

What is the recruitment process? This is a core process for any business as it serves to provide any organisation with the necessary human resources.

A standard recruiting process is a multi-step project that involves five stages: #1 Planning, #2 Strategy Development, #3 Searching, #4 Screening, and #5 Evaluation and Control. However, there is no universal formula to it as it should be tailored to your company.

Your initial efforts in establishing the ideal team will pay off later. Investing in your recruitment process will provide your company with a pool of skilled candidates within the scheduled time frame.

Lawrence Bossidy, the retired chairman and CEO of AlliedSignal (later Honeywell), the $13 billion industrial supplier of aerospace systems, automotive parts, and chemical products, is also known as a business leader. The charismatic coach once said “I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not on strategies.

 Hiring the right IT team

This entire recruitment process translates into hours of work, which can also be translated into money.

Let’s face it, if you are not able to recruit the IT talent your company demands, you’re losing momentum and missing business opportunities. When your in-house team asks for a couple of specialized employees, nearshoring these professionals might be a straightforward solution to help you grow your business.

Nearshore outsourcing helps you improve performance whilst reducing cultural and time gaps. A nearshore team allows for quite a few advantages over the in-house staff such as a fresh approach to the project, cost-efficiency, access to a larger talent pool, operational efficiency, flexibility, and rapid scalability. Furthermore, nearshore allows and encourages you to participate in the recruitment process.

To upgrade your recruitment process, you should consider:

A reliable nearshore provider: choose a partner that pays close attention to your goals and needs. Prime Nearshore starts with a deep analysis of your project to understand its technical resources.

The best IT hubs: A successful team sets up a project’s success. Therefore, we source our tech talent and nearshore teams from the most promising IT hubs. Our nearshore teams are mostly Portuguese and Polish.

An exclusive recruitment and management method: Understanding your needs is our starting point. At Prime Nearshore, we will always strive to exceed your expectations. Our IT recruiters and Business Managers go through a detailed and multidisciplinary recruitment process that involves several interviews and assessments to find a good match not only for the project but for the team as well.

Get involved in the recruitment process: Taking a part in the recruitment process allows you to truly shape your team and feel the applicants’ soft skills.

Continuous management: An ongoing management supervises resources and provides orientation to employees. Successful teams work together towards a common goal.


With 16 international offices, multicultural teams, and Delivery Centres, Prime Nearshore has helped businesses all over the world build their global nearshore teams and achieve their goals. Leave us a message and we will help you address the tech shortage and face the hiring challenges.