The tech shortage is a complex situation that is slowing digital transformation. This problem will certainly be a major challenge in the future since the Covid-19 pandemic triggered an unparalleled wave of technology adoption across all industries. However, a step on the way to a digital economy cannot happen unless you embrace the right tech talent acquisition strategy. Against this background, IT recruiters have become fundamental to ensuring the best IT professionals on board.

Challenges in IT Recruitment

The tech talent gap seems unlikely to change anytime soon as economies and organisations move toward a digital future. As businesses recover from the disastrous effects of the pandemic, countless have increased their efforts to leverage on technology.

We identified the major obstacles organisations face when recruiting tech talent:

The shortage of tech talent: We know for a fact that the tech shortage is real, and it’s impacting most companies. Gone are the days of posting a job opportunity and waiting for applications. Taking into consideration how challenging it is to hire IT teams, organisations should embrace a proactive mindset and engage candidates on their terms. IT recruiters have the unique ability to develop a candidate friendly recruitment experience. They will become the human face and ambassadors on behalf of the organisation during the interactions with the applicants.

– Candidate ghosting: this is an extremely common phenomenon. Candidate ghosting refers to when a candidate suddenly disappears out of the blue through the recruitment process.

Slow hiring processes are a burden: time-to-hire metrics are an important Key Performance Indicator that every organisation should be concerned about. According to research, 70% of job seekers lose interest in a job if they don’t hear back just one week after an interview. The candidates will certainly become uninterested when your tech recruitment process is lengthy. If you don’t act fast, the finest candidates will be more likely to accept another offer coming from a competitor with a more efficient hiring process. Also, bear in mind that there is a cost associated with every superfluous recruitment step.

Some markets have great numbers of job opportunities and not enough candidates to fill them: when this happens, many companies turn to other external markets. Nearshoring – the middle ground between offshore and onshore – makes it possible to create highly qualified teams at competitive prices. The nearshore efficiency advantages far outweigh the investment, especially when the project is urgent.

IT recruiters matter

There is one main purpose for every company when business and technology work together as allies: to materialize a business strategy into solutions that boost efficiency and unlock business results. This growth calls for an effective and synchronized management method that controls resources and guides professionals.

An IT recruiter is a key player in strategic development and business success. The ultimate technical talent acquisition strategy relies on a tech recruitment team that proactively focusses on long-term requirements instead of running behind schedule or reacting to desperate needs.

Knowing and understanding your organisational needs is at the centre of Prime Nearshore efforts. Our IT recruiters and tech recruitment techniques go through a meticulous and multidisciplinary selecting process that involves several interviews and assessments to find the best candidates for every single project.

The last couple years have been extremely harsh for tech recruiters and tech hiring. However, thanks to this unique framework, Prime Nearshore continued to provide the finest professionals with the ideal profile, experience, and technical background to meet your project needs. Beyond the technical competences, our IT recruiters also evaluate their soft skills – the so-called people skills – to detect candidates who will be a positive cultural asset to your organisation.

Are you looking to (re)build your business amidst this new world order? Portugal is a hotspot where the best tech talent is on the rise. Start a project with Prime Nearshore as your partner!