Throughout the globe, more and more companies are developing their work and services out of their own countries with the support and guidance of nearshore providers. Usually, the organisation and the nearshore company are located in neighboring countries, thus sharing similar time, working culture, and work methodologies.

Nowadays businesses face a more dynamic environment than ever, especially those that need to be poised for innovation. As a result, company leaders are relying on their nearshore dedicated teams around the world to achieve a competitive edge. Some of the most common types of nearshore outsourcing are nearshore software development, call center customer service, or technical support.

Choosing your nearshore company should not be taken lightly. Keep reading this article to determine the best partner for your business and gain a better understanding of the advantages of this business strategy.


A great nearshore company is not always a matter of price

Is nearshore outsourcing right for you? The reasons that lead companies to search for nearshore services differ from case to case. Many rely on employees around the world whether to face the domestic tech shortage or find a cost-efficiency strategy that fulfills their business vision.

Regardless of the motives behind such a decision, there are factors you should take into consideration before hiring a nearshore company.

Obviously, one of the most common concerns when considering nearshore software development is the cost. There is no denying the fact that the value you pay is an important factor. But bear in mind that the old mantra “you get what you pay for” is usually true.

It’s not only the price that matters but also the value you will get for your money. Until you have enough information to see beyond what the eyes see, to perceive the invisible, you should not commit. Your company’s profitability and stability depend on the decisions you make.

So, to help get you started, we have put together a formula on how to choose a nearshore company that matches your requirements and budget.

4 factors to consider when looking for a nearshore company

Choosing an experienced nearshore provider with the ability to understand your business goals and the engagement to make them happen is a tough job. Take your time, do your research, ask your questions, and make an informed decision.

– Do you homework: Only when you know what you are looking for, you can create a matching plan that is likely to meet your goals. Therefore, you should focus on the required technical expertise, attempt to predict challenges likely to arise during the course of the work, and define the kind of contact/availability you seek. Once you have done your homework, you can start your “hunt” for nearshore companies that understand your business needs and challenges. A proactive attitude in which you define priorities and keep up with trends will help you dissect the market anatomy and outline the right strategy.

– Look for expertise and experience: Usually, companies look for nearshore dedicated teams able to provide new insights and share specialised know-how where internal teams fail to succeed. Thus, one of the first factors to consider is whether the partner holds a significant portfolio in your particular industry (for instance, energy, healthcare, finances, telecommunication, and infrastructure) and how far that experience stretches over time.

Make sure that your nearshore partner has mastered the technology stack that suits you best. Certifications also demonstrate the company’s commitment to quality and security. Just like an interview, schedule a meeting where you can get your questions answered: ask for references, strengths, weaknesses, and achievements… We can summarize it in one question: “Tell us more about yourself.”

– Communication and transparency are key: When nearshoring, be mindful of the importance of communication between yourself and your dedicated team. So, while choosing a hosting country for your nearshore software development, consider its geographical location, time zone, and availability. The head company and the nearshore provider should work under the same period as different working hours can become a barrier to effective communication and a deal-breaker for long-term success. Nearshore in Poland or Portugal is growing rapidly. The two countries are progressively becoming top destinations for nearshore outsourcing.

Businesses are expanding the borders of their offices. Consequently, live cooperation and constant feedback become even more important to manage remote nearshore teams. As we believe you should take a leading part during every recruitment and management process, we developed an exclusive reporting and project management platform. This tool displays workflows, procedures, project statuses, KPIs, and relevant information, allowing you to stay up-to-date anytime and anywhere.

– A cultural fit with the nearshore company: To compete in rapidly evolving markets, companies search for reliable nearshore partners. And culture plays an important role in business relationships as it influences directly the quality of work and the team’s engagement. Therefore, you ought to find a nearshore company that shares your cultural ethics and company values.

Nearshore in Portugal or Poland is characterized by long-term relationships that enable companies to stay ahead of their league. These countries have a welcoming culture that leads to open communication and strong employee commitment. We provide 360˚ candidates who combine a strong technical background with strong soft skills.


Nearshore software development requires an experienced and mature approach. With Prime Nearshore as your nearshore company, your standards and expectations will not be compromised. Our vast experience and dedicated teams allow us to provide a premium service for our partners. If you want to grow your business with a reliable partner, click here!