The pandemic situation and several lockdowns redesigned habits and actions. Social relationships won a new shape, and the role of technological gadgets assumed an increasing impact on users’ daily lives. This era of global transformation has also initiated a period of critical transition and evolution in the technology industry. As mobile devices, particularly smartphones, didn’t leave our side for 24/7 during those long periods confined at home, new mobile app development trends thrived. Organizations are facing unprecedented challenges, and it was inevitable to reassess the scenario and take measures to keep pace with the zeitgeist and the digital transformation. Keep reading this article to meet the top mobile app development trends that deserve your attention.

Whereas digitalization remained a tough challenge (at times even a death penalty) for several traditional organizations and sectors, others faced it as the perfect opportunity to get closer to their customers. Providing a digital presence, one specifically designed for a mobile device, helps brands and organizations offering their audience the best experience. While the global number of mobile phone users is growing firmer, the figure of app downloads shows no signs of slowing down. Users have an inseparable relationship with their smartphones. Actually, mobile users spend just about 90% of their time using apps. According to Statista, the most popular app categories in 2020 were “chat apps and social media apps, with a usage reach of 91 percent and 88 percent, respectively”. As new social patterns arise, new pioneering mobile app development trends come to light.

Apps have had a major role during the coronavirus pandemic, and it is undeniable that we can perceive a few patterns. In this article, we look at top mobile app development trends that transformed the way we interact in real life.


5G is the newest technology of telecommunication networks. After 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G, we are facing a fifth generation dedicated on a network that is meant to connect everyone and everything. Reportedly, 5G displays impressive connection speed rates. Theories and trials report that these go from 15 to 100 times faster than 4G. 5G is an ocean of opportunity and promises to revolutionize the mobile developers’ work, connecting new industries and empowering users. Its high performance supports other mobile app development trends’ functionalities such as AR/VR apps and gaming apps.


While retail struggled and dealt with colossal losses, mobile commerce (M-commerce) kept reaping the benefits of the pandemic situation. In a time where smartphones and tablets represent more than 70% of e-commerce sales, apps are a tool that help companies grow revenue while building a brand status and a strong sense of trust and reliability. Mobile apps are designed and developed from scratch and grant a smooth mobile experience while traditional e-commerce often fails to deliver such an experience.

Internet of Things (IoT)

All things Internet. Mobile apps have no longer basic purposes. This app development trend connects gadgets through UIDs (unique identifiers) and collects real-time data with no need to human or computer activity. Home appliances, security systems, industries and all smart devices are easily paired to the app, allowing users to collect information, analyze, monitor, and respond to any kind of action or process. These days, users have remote control over devices that one could one dream about just a few decades ago. Smart devices, homes, cities, and vehicles is (not so slowly but) steadily becoming part of our life.

A new reality: VR/AR

AR and VR are boosting user experience in iOS and Android development. Let’s peek at one of IKEA’s last campaigns. The Swedish group used its app to design an experience that allowed the customer to place IKEA’s furniture at his own residence by means of VR. This pioneering immersive initiative was a success and proved that AR and VR are not exclusive to the gaming development industry. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality extrapolated that sector and became valuable to other areas like education, healthcare, construction, advertisement, retail, industry, safety, army…

Beacon Technology

Beacon technology isn’t new to these days. Nonetheless, it has become trendier in recent years in areas and activities like retail, healthcare, and hospitality. By means of small devices, this technology targets users by accurate location-based information to send and display personalized information and offers. Its foundation is proximity marketing.

Mobile wallets

Traditional payment methods and cash are slowly losing pace due to social distancing. Mobile wallets grew dramatically during the past year as consumers shifted their transactions to online operations due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Thanks to these new app trend, online shopping, money transfer, bill payment and viewing transaction history only take a few clicks. The Fintech, a word blend between financial and technology, is a flourishing industry. Using digital wallets has become a trend as consumers trust and rely on their mobile payment and banking apps. The Mobile app development is growing strong and proving to be the next stage to these sectors while mobile wallets become one of the most common payment methods. However, this digital transformation is still a challenge to both banking and financial services companies due to the security inherent issues.

Top Mobile App Development Trends… A Challenge?

New app mobile trends simplify users’ lives, but also businesses’ processes. Mobile-first companies are conscious of new realities, and they clearly take advantage of a special place in the digital society’s heart. But taking the leading position in any run takes a lot of effort that demands training, dedication, investigation, investment, and access to specialized cutting-edge know-how. Likewise, disruptive thinking, in the case of mobile app development. A nearshore app development can help you in the process with experienced and multidisciplinary IT professionals. At Prime Nearshore, we set up a powerful Nearshore team to help you build your project!