1. Duarte, you are a Product Owner. Can you explain to us what your work consists of?

As a Product Owner, my main responsibility is to transmit to the Scrum teams, of which I am a part, all the information related to the product, coming from the various stakeholders, always with the focus on enhancing its value. This information transfer is performed essentially from the product backlog management, which is done through the creation, prioritization and communication of the features to be developed in future sprints.

2. Your first contact with PrimeIT was in 2017. You joined a project despite not working in this area for 2 years. What was it like to return to IT?

As my academic background is in the area of Civil Engineering and, by the end of 2015, all my professional experience had been in the IT area, I decided at that time to take the “ultimate test” in order to understand which area I would like to take up in the future on a professional level. After a 2016 sabbatical in the IT area, and taking into account the professional experience I had, the existing opportunities and the potential that the sector has, I decided at the beginning of 2017 to “attack IT” again. I then reached the point of having two completely different proposals, either at sector level (IT vs. Civil Engineering) or at location level. Despite some consideration, the choice was practically made from the beginning, and I then opted for the opportunity given to me at PrimeIT. It was a quite natural return, without the need for major readaptation, not only because I had never really stopped following the sector, but PrimeIT itself, and the customer in question, contributed to facilitate this reintegration process.

3. More recently, you have accepted the challenge of being part of Prime Nearshore. How has the experience been?

The fact that you can work for an international company, without its own office in Portugal, and see practically no obstacle in the way you work, makes the experience quite interesting. As I am still in the first month of this challenge, I can say that I am still in the process of adaptation, but it has not had any complexities, much due to the help provided not only by PrimeIT colleagues, who are in the project, but also by the customer’s internal colleagues.

4. How does your performance at Prime Nearshore differ from your previous project at PrimeIT?

First of all the role, since in the previous project I was Product Manager and now I am Product Owner, which forces me to have a much greater interaction with Scrum methodology. Another quite considerable difference is the fact that I’m in an international project, with colleagues of various nationalities, where practically all communication is done in English.

5. Professionally, what is the greatest advantage of working in Nearshore?

I consider it to be the ability to work in your country, close to your loved ones, for international projects of great value and potential, enabling you to get to know other business, professional and personal cultures.